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  • Protein Purification/Immobilization through negPeps


    Protein Purification/Immobilization through negPeps

    • NegPeps (magnetic particle binding peptides) are novel peptides with the potential to replace the common affinity tags based protein purification/immobilization
    • NegPeps bind to magnetic nanoparticles in a reversible and controlled manner
    • No specific surface functionalization necessary
  • New Catalyst System for High ­Performance Polymers

    B75246 | B74151 | B76002 | B76107 | B76177

    New Catalyst System for High ­Performance Polymers

    • Superior method for the polymerization of Michael-type based monomers
    • New versatile catalyst system
    • Cheaper, fasterand greener process
  • A convertible multi-purpose bioreactor


    A convertible multi-purpose bioreactor

    • Convertible multi-purpose bioreactor provides 4in1 combination of different types of bioreactosr:
    • stirred-tank bioreactor
    • gas-lift bioreactor
    • packed-bed biofilm reactor
    • trickling filter biofilm reactor

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